GN-M702HLAL LG Fridge - 530Ltr, Smart Inverter Comp, DID PS3 Hygiene Fresh - Silver

Price : KSH.145,000.00 /PC
98 PC Available


Easy and quick access
Door  in door
Highly durable
Smart    inverter  compressor
Hygiene fresh to  destroy  bacteria  and  bad  smells
Longer freshness
Sleek design
10 year  inverter  compressor  warranty
Energy  saving
Less   noise
Large  storage  space of up to 546L
LED illumination
Moving  ice  tray for  your  convenience
Tempered  glass shelves
Water  dispenser

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4 Reasons To Buy 1.Easy Access for your convenience : Door-in-Door™ 2.Durability + Energy Saving : Smart Inverter Compressor 3.Hygienic Freshness : Hygiene Fresh+™ 4.Longer Freshness : Fresh 0 Zone                                           4 Reasons To Buy    Door-in-Door™ Door-in-Door™ saves cold air escape up to 41% than R-Door opening. - Easy Open Button One touch open. - Smart Storage You can well organize your fridge with smart storage space in DID. - New Design More elegant and sophisticated design with LG’s unique double-layered door design. *Disclaimer: Based on Intertek testing according to internal test method measuring percentage reduction in exchange rate of air when opening Door-in-Door™ compared to fridge door for 10 seconds. Results may vary by models and duration of door opening.         Door-in-Door™      Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor
- Energy Saving 
LG Smart Inverter Compressor responses to variable load conditions by adjusting cooling power for better energy efficiency. Cooling power is automatically controlled according to the inside and outside temperature conditions of refrigerator.
- Quiet Operation 
Smart Inverter Compressor makes your kitchen quiet. Smart Inverter compressor can be adjusted to each level of temperature. So noise can be controlled effectively. 
Day and night, minimal noise makes you happy to be in your kitchen.
- Durability 
Using these high-end technology, LG produces superior Smart Inverter Compressor and apply optimized compressor to various products. So, it makes 10-year warranty possible.
* LG internal test data based on "KS C ISO15502" Standard.                                           Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor        Hygiene Fresh+™
All 5-Step for Antibacterial Deodorization
Hygiene Fresh+™ is developed to eliminate bacteria and bad odors.
(1st, 4th, 5th Step) Double photocatalyst and UV LED eliminate bacteria and deodorize.
Bacteria and odor inductive substances are decomposed through the combination of the triple steps.            Hygiene Fresh+™    Fresh 0 Zone
Fresh 0 Zone is controlled at temperature around 0℃ and it helps you start cooking without time-consuming thawing. Save your time & food!                                          Fresh 0 Zone    LED Lighting
LED Lighting is more energy efficient & has longer life span than conventional bulb lighting. Multiple location at the top in freezer and back in fridge for better illumination even with food loaded condition.                                        LED Lighting  Moving Ice Tray
LG’s new top freezer refrigerator has a detachable & moving ice maker which you can easily take out and move this ice tray whenever they need more freezer space.                                        Moving Ice Tray


2 year  warranty


Free  countrywide delivery



Very nice product and its worth for the price