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9/6kg 1400 RPM LG Front Load Washer/Dryer F4J8FHP2S

9/6kg 1400 RPM LG Front Load Washer/Dryer F4J8FHP2S

Price : KSH.147,000 /PC
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  1. Washes 9kg and dries 6kg cloth load
  2. 1400 revolutions per  minute  therefore quick washing to save your time
  3. Energy saving
  4. Consumes  less water
  5. 6motion DD  for  powerful wash without causing damage on clothes
  6. Easy  to  use and simple  to operate
  7. Direct  drive  inverter   making  it noise-free
  8. Sleek design
  9. Smart  diagnosis  to troubleshoot problems  from  your  phone
  10. True  steam to remove  allergens
  11. Excellent  LED  screen  display
  12. Smart thinQ technology
  13. 10  year inverter direct  drive  warranty

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Full Description

Get rid of allergens with True Steam

TrueSteam steam technology; Anti-allergic, optimal temperature; control allergens in the garment. Steam Refresh steam refresh; it refreshes within 20 minutes without using detergent. Reduces wrinkles and destroys odors. Steam softener steam softening; it uses TrueSteam water without the need to use a softener.


Optimal Washing for Fabrics with Motion DD

Choose a washing program and wash 6 Motion Direct Drive technology by turning the machine on 6 different motions. It provides the ultimate cleaning for the garments, while showing the necessary care for the fabrics.

Global_Mega_2016_Feature_03_6 Motion DD_Video



Less Vibration and Sound with Inverter Direct Drive

The motor that powers my washing machine is mounted directly on the boiler. Since there is no belt and pulley mechanism, tremors and noise are largely prevented. We rely on our technology and offer a standard 10-year engine and parts warranty.

Smart Diagnosis ™

Smart Diagnosis ™

LG's Smart Diagnosis ™ system is quick and easy to troubleshoot without having to search for a technician. Just call the LG Customer Service Helpline and take the phone with you. Then your device will detect the problems in a few seconds and connect to the computer that will suggest the solution.

Stopping and Adding Laundry

Stopping and Adding Laundry

If you forget to put the laundry in the wash, just press the "Pause" button and add all kinds of clothes from small socks to large jackets. Choose which of Cotton, Mixed, Sensitive, Fast14 you want to select, the flap opens immediately (within about 3 seconds) during washing **.

General features
Washing Capacity 9 Kg
Drying Capacity 6 Kg
Maximum Spin Speed ​​(RPM) 1400 Gb / min
6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive Motor THERE IS
10 Year Motor Guarantee There is
Steam Wash I truestea ™
TrueSteam ™ Refresh with steam THERE IS
WiFi Wireless Remote Connection THERE IS
Wifi New Wash Program Download THERE IS
Stop Laundry Add Button THERE IS
Energy Class A +++ (-40%)
Smart Diagnosis ™ / Smart Diagnosis There is
White LED Screen THERE IS
Time Delay There is
Water overflow safety There is
Laundry Weight Sensor There is
Jogging System There is
Child Lock There is
Wide Cover (300 mm) THERE IS
Enhanced Boiler Construction There is
Boiler Cleaning Feature There is
Big Cotton THERE IS
Anti Wrinkle THERE IS
Allergy-Free THERE IS
Refresh with steam THERE IS
Delicate THERE IS
Baby Steam Care (Spa) THERE IS
Sportswear THERE IS
Washer Dryer + THERE IS
Direct Dress THERE IS
Sensitive THERE IS
Downloaded Program THERE IS
Pre-wash THERE IS
Extra Rinsing THERE IS
Steam Smoothing THERE IS
Favorite THERE IS
Just Tighten THERE IS
Waiting in Water THERE IS
600 x 610 x 850 mm (GxDxY) THERE IS

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Free  countrywide delivery


2 year  product  warranty



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