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10kg 1400 RPM LG Front Load Washer F4J9JSP2T

10kg 1400 RPM LG Front Load Washer F4J9JSP2T

Price : KSH.116,500 /PC
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  1. Washes  up to 10kg cloth load
  2. Direct  drive  inverter making  it noise free
  3. 6 motion DD for gentle  but powerful wash
  4. Smart  diagnosis; troubleshoot  problems  from  your  phone
  5. Economical on water
  6. Energy saving
  7. 10 year  direct  drive  inverter  warranty
  8. Quick washing to save  your  time
  9. Compatible  with smart thinQ technology
  10. Easy to use
  11. Simple  to  install

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Full Description

Eliminate allergies with steam power

The Allergy Care cycle uses water and heat to form a super-disinfecting steam, which disinfects laundry while gently washing it. This eliminates up to 99.99% of allergens that, like dust mites, can cause allergies or breathing problems.


Choose a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology will rotate the machine drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the delicacy they need and washing clothes to perfection.

Less vibration and less noise

The Inverter Direct Drive motor in our washing machines is ultra reliable and quiet. We know this is one of the best washing machine engines on the market, which is why all our machines come with a standard 10-year engine and parts warranty. It's unusual, is not it?

More intelligent and practical thanks to NFC

From adding additional cycles to diagnostics and troubleshooting, your washing machine is now smarter. Interact easily with him and enjoy the latest innovations with the NFC Tag ON feature.

Key features
Direct Drive ™ reversing motorYes (Publications on days J)
Steam ™ (True / Spa / -)TrueSteam
TurboWash ™Yes
6 movementsYes
Energy efficiency classA +++ - 40%
Add laundryYes
Smart Diagnosisversion 3.0
Wifi (Wifi control)Yes
Body colorVinyl-coated metal
DoorChrome edge + Black tint
Color of the wallpaperBlack 2-tone
Selector buttonChromium
Washing capacity (KG)10.5
Energy efficiency classA +++
Award of the "EU Ecolabel"No
Annual energy consumption (kWh)143
60 ° C cotton (full charge)0.65
60 ° C cotton (half load)0.61
40 ° C cotton (half-load)0.52
Power Consumption (W) - Off Mode0.45
Power Consumption (W) - Walk Mode0.45
Annual water consumption (ℓ)9,900
Spin performance - Efficiency classAT
Maximum spin speed (rpm)1400
Drying performance - Moisture content (%)44%
Time (Min) - 60 ° C cotton (full charge)296
Time (Min) - 60 ° C cotton (half load)270
Time (Min) - 40 ° C cotton (half load)261
Mode duration Left on (Min)10
Noise level (washing)55
Noise level (spinning)73
Standard washing programCotton + 60 ℃ / 40 ℃
Dimension (W x H x D mm)600x610x850x800
Size of the package (W x H x D mm)660 x 705 x 885
Weight (kg)70
Weight with packaging (kg)73

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Free  countrywide  delivery


2  year  product  warranty



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