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Looking for the best food storage solution in Kenya? Experience the world of LG including the latest Models of LG Single Door Refrigerators. Make your life simple like never before with exclusive range of all new LG Home Appliances for easy and comfortable living.

Those days are gone when a refrigerator was considered to be a luxurious addition to the kitchen. These days, it is a basic necessity of every household. It is a must-have appliance. With summers in full swing, a refrigerator is ever so important to keep the food safe and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Over the years, LG has won the hearts of the people with excellent household appliances that are top-notch in various fields such as home refrigeration.

LG Single Door Fridge models come in with many features as well as in different colors and also in stainless finishes that add elegance and style to your kitchen design.

LG Single Door Refrigerators:

1)    Specially designed patented ice tray makes ice 20% faster than ordinary refrigerators without placing excessive load on the compressor.
2)    These fridges have a better energy-consumption.
3)    Single door fridges from LG have Moist Balance Crisper that can make an optimum moisture level in vegetable drawers and keep your vegetables longer and fresher.
4)    Special Fruit and vegetable box cover keeps your fruits and vegetable fresh for longer time.
5)    LG Single Door Refrigerators comes with a linear compressor that minimizes mechanical loss, reduces noise, increases durability, saves energy and brings nature’s freshness efficiently to your kitchen or living room.
6)    The refrigerator features easy to clean removable airtight gasket that seals in the freshness and keeps out bacteria.
7)    It also effectively stops mould spores from entering and spoiling the food inside, keeping it healthy and hygienic for longer periods.

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Model No. Product Description Price (Inc. VAT)
GN-Y331SQ 7.03 Ft 3 LG Single Door Refrigerator Frost Free KAS. 40,500.00
GN-Y201SQ 5.97 Ft 3 LG Frost Free Single Door Fridge KAS. 37,500.00
GN-Y201SL 5.97 Ft 3 LG Single Door Refrigerator Price in Kenya KAS. 37,990.00
GR-141SQQ 4.59 Ft 3 Single Door Refrigerator in Nairobi KAS. 25,990.00
GR-2250ML 7.53 Ft 3 Single Door Refrigerator in Westlands KAS. 31,990.00