Why You Need 18K BTU Jetcool AC Now

What Are Doing To Control Excess Heat In This Hot Season? Well. We have a perfect suggestion for you. Buy 18K BTU Jetcool AVS LG Air Conditioner.

This affordable air conditioner comes with jetcool function which disperses air at incredibly high speed to cool your room in just 3 minutes. You definitely want to buy.

In addition,it has auto cleaning function which cleans the unit automatically thereby preventing the formation of bacteria and mould on heat exchanger. This in turns eliminates any bad smells so that you can have a pleasant environment.
Dual protection filter is removable for easy cleaning.

Furthermore, it comes with deep sleep mode which help to maintain room temperature for your comfortable and enjoyable sound sleep.

Unlike other conventional air conditioners, this best selling AC features gold fin: a corrosion resistant coating on the surface of heat exchanger. This enhances durability and saves you from unnecessary replacement costs.

Moreover, it features airflow direction control to allow you control the direction of air flow.

On top of that,it comes with easy to use temperature settings to enable you adjust your desired temperature in the room. What an AC?

Say no to sweating;whether in office or in your house. Simply buy this incredible AC and you will appreciate the value of your money. It goes at Ksh 93,990 only. Call LG Brandshop on 0780153153