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Washing Machines

Wash in 39 Min.

Intellgent Fabric Care

JetSpray sprays clean tap water onto your clothes making rinsing cycles even more efficient.
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Discover how easy it is to manage your washing machine with LG ThinQ technology..

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KES 247,495
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Stainless Steel Tub for a cleaner, healthier wash.

Gentle yet efficient cleaning.

Experience enhanced Fabric care with our top of the range Top Load washers.


The World's No.1 Best Selling OLED Brand.

SELF-LIT PiXELS Redefine It All

Enjoy the deepest blacks, richest colors and realistic picture quality. Claim your special gift with every online purchase of LG OLED*.

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Specular Color Purity

Explore a New World of Color

Natural, lifelike color with enhanced 4K picture quality.

Flawless Picture Quality

Best Offers on Ultra-HD TVs

Meet the standard for sharpness with LG’s amazing collection of 4K televisions.
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Stylish A+ energy-rated multi door refrigerators

Functional elegance that fits your modern kitchen perfectly

LG large capacity refrigerators have extra room for food storage, with convenient organization for all of your family’s favorite foods.

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Huge capacity, coordinated for style

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  • Smart Living Space

    Get more from your TV with LG ThinQ® AI, and create a smart home entertainment system commanded by your voice.

    Intense color. Perfect black. Picture quality like you’ve never seen. Bring home the best: LG OLED TV.
  • LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerators

    Now with the LG Matte Black finish, you can add sophistication to your living space with a smooth, versatile finish that stays fingerprint-resistant and durable whilst blending beautifully in your kitchen..
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